Christmas Light Specifications

PLEASE NOTE: The following is for informational purposes only. You will need to check with your local licensed electrician for further information regarding your specific electrical requirements. ***
Formulas to Use When Working with Electricity    
  Watts/Volts = Amps Volts x Amps = Watts  
Example: 200 C9-7 watt Bulbs = 1400 watts (200 x 7)
1400 watts/110 volts = 12.72 amps
110 volts x 20 amps (Breaker) = 2200 maximum watts available
Note: Never use more than 80% of the breaker’s capacity.
Example:  Only use 16 amps of a 20-amp breaker’s capacity; 12 amps of a 15-amp breaker’s capacity; or 24 amps of a 30-amp breaker’s capacity.

  Rule of Thumb for Normal Application on 20-amp Breaker:

  (99) 35-lite miniature light set = 16.06 amps [(99 x 35) x .51 watts per bulb/110] = 16.06 amps  
  (33) 100-lite miniature light set = 15.3 amps [(33 x 100) x .51 watts per bulb/110] = 15.3 amps  
  (200) C7-7 watt light set = 12.72 amps [200 x 7 watts per bulb/110] = 12.72 amps  
  (300) C7-5 watt light set = 13.63 amps [300 x 5 watts per bulb/110] = 13.63 amps  
  (200) C9-9 watt light set = 16.36 amps [200 x 9 watts per bulb/110] = 16.36 amps  
  (200) C9-7 watt light set = 12.72 amps [200 x 7 watts per bulb/110] = 12.72 amps  
  (2) 150'/1-circuit 9mm or 13mm Plastic Neon (18 lights every 1.5') = 14.72 amps  
    [(2 x 1800) x .45 watts per bulb/110] = 14.72 amps  
  (1) 150'/2-circuit 9mm or 13mm Plastic Neon (36 lights every 1.5') = 14.72 amps  
    [3600 x .45 watts per bulb/110] = 14.72 amps  


In addition to not overloading breakers, care must be given to not overload individual electrical sets. The following specs are maximums for continuous runs or sets plugged end-to-end of different types of lights that can be connected together in any one direction. If more lights are necessary to complete the project, a power splitter (3-way) or a separate power cord/extension cord must be used.

MINIATURE LIGHTS - Check with manufacturer's specifications for wattage of each bulb.
Typical miniature lights use approximately .51 watts per bulb.
    (6) Sets of 35-light strand*
    (3) Sets of 50-light strand*
    (3) Sets of 70-light strand*
    (3) Sets of 100-light strand*
    *NOTE: Based on current UL-Rated specifications. Subject to change.

    (2) C7 or C9 25-light strand (20awg with 5amp fuse)
    (2) C7 or C9 100-light commercial strand (18awg without fuse)
    (200) C7 or C9 lights on continuous run from 1000' spool

    (1) 150', 9mm or 13mm, 1- or 2-circuit

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